• Jeniveve Delacroix

Spring Urban Gardening!

I love gardening! It is one of my oldest and most favorite past times. I love the meditative and solitary practice of planting, the enforced project in patience as you wait for your garden to grow (or sprout, or bud, or transition into any stage), the problem solving curve balls that must be solved when something is not quite going right, and finally the delayed gratification of savoring food you grew yourself naturally. I had a large sprawling garden when I lived in Santa Cruz but in San Francisco, space (or lack thereof) and sun seem to be a new frontier for me to overcome. I have a small landing off the laundry room to my house that faces south so have tried my very best to make best of the little space I have and here are the results and progress reports about a month in!

April 21st:

Got a baby cherry tomato sprout.

Tiny herb box off the banister. (Chives, Thyme, Sage [have you ever had fried sage?!], and Basil)

Bought this strawberry from a sprout.

May 11th - Progress Update!!

Tomato baby is thriving! This morning was the first flowers I've seen that will turn into tomatoes!

Everybody except Basil Boy is doing well in the herb box (he's probably not getting enough sun as he's next to the sun)

Living lettuce is doing well and three (or four) different varieties of greens have sprouted!!

And this beautiful baby is about ready to be picked!

So far so good for three weeks in! Perhaps an upcoming blog post should feature recipes I make with the garden as it's harvested? Cooking is another one of my favorite hobbies.